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This project is a simple audio amplifier. It amplifies the audio signal to some extent. For amplifying purpose it used an IC and few more. Presentation Plan Transistor – what is it? Polarization and classes Pros and cons of classes Applications Basic Parameters of amplifiers Differential amplifier. Audio Power Amplifier Detailed Design. Design Issues: Thermal Protection Circuits; Maximum Power Dissipation; Determining the Correct Heat Sink; Voltage.

Overview of ECE; Basic electronics & signal concepts; PN-junction diodes, operational amplifiers, filtering, bipolar junction transistors; Basic hi-fi amplifier design. The properties of an amplifying circuit using an op-amp depend primarily on the characteristics of the feedback network rather than on those of the op-amp itself.

DISTRIBUTION AMPLIFIERS. Distribution Amplifier. Duplicate Audio Signals to Multiple Outputs. RACK-UP DISTRIBUTION AMPS. RU-ADA4D. RU-ADA8D. The term “power amplifier” although technically incorrect has become understood For audio amplifiers, the Class of amp refers to the output stage of the amp.

Introduction to the Amplifier and Amplifier Tutorial including the different types of Large Signal, Common Base, Class B Amplifier, Audio Frequencies (AF). Many class A amplifiers use the same transistor(s) for both halves of the audio waveform. In this configuration, the output transistor(s) always has current flowing .

General Considerations; Emitter Follower as Power Amplifier; Push-Pull Stage; Audio system needs tens to hundreds Watts of power.


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