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If you see some boxes amongst the characters, then you need to download and install a polytonic Greek Unicode font. This will enable you to. A collection of Unicode polytonic Greek font samples. IF you have a Windows 2K/XP (or later) computer, you don't need Greek unicode polytonic fonts to read Elpenor's Greek texts or polytonic texts on other sites.

However, at least three of the other most common (and attractive) fonts from the Microsoft packages do support polytonic Greek: namely, Palatino Linotype, Arial Unicode MS, and Lucida Grande (Mac). (All of these fonts can be installed on Macintosh and Linux as well as Windows machines.).

As of this writing, the following Unicode fonts support polytonic Greek: New Athena Unicode (also AttikaU, KadmosU, and BosporosU) (American Philological Association c/o Donald Mastronarde: Freeware).

This is an adjusted version of Athena Unicode, distributed with the Greekkeys Unicode package. [Download (MAC and PC)]. Support: Coptic, Cypriot Syllabary, Cyrillic (all or most of range), Gothic, Greek ( including polytonic and Coptic characters), Glagolitic, Hebrew.

Use Elpenor's Greek Unicode Polytonic Fonts page to download nice fonts, and: Learn how to adjust your computer to display Greek polytonic. -- The Fonts -- This page contains a selection of shareware polytonic Greek fonts, in WinGreek and Unicode encodings.

A one-line sample of each font is given below, at a font size of 12pt, followed by the file-size of the font. To download the font, click on the file-size. I get periodic requests about fonts for Greek, so here's a summary of fonts that include Unicode polytonic Greek.

I've not listed sources or. Besides modern Greek, Typotheque Pro fonts also support Greek Polytonic, with the variety of diacritics used to write pre-reform and ancient Greek.


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